Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Splitting Harriet

Have you ever read Tamara Leigh? If you haven't (and you like chick-lit) you are totally missing out. I (quite a great length of time after it was released) finally got around to reading Stealing Adda a couple months ago and wondered why it took me so long. Tamara can spin a great tale.

So instead of waiting around this time, I jumped right on reading Splitting Harriet when it is hot off the presses.

Oh, my good heavens, the prologue sucked me in like little has in a long time. And then I followed through by reading the whole book in a weekend. Gimme more Tamara Leigh!

Here's a bit about it.

Preacher’s kid and prodigal Harriet Bisset returned to her church and her family in Franklin, Tennessee, seven years ago. Once the proud owner of two tattoos and a nose ring, Harri is now addicted to Jelly Bellys in lieu of hangovers and Bible verses in lieu of foul language.

The good news is that she has everything under control: a part-time position as director of women’s ministry, a church family that adores her, a rent-free home in a senior mobile home park, and the possibility of owning the cafĂ© where she waitresses. Nothing could tempt Harri to return to her old ways. Nothing but a 1298 cc, liquid-cooled, sixteen-valve, in-line four-cylinder motorcycle—and the church consultant riding it.

Reformed rebel Maddox McCray’s arrival at First Grace spells C-H-A-N-G-E for the dying church. And it just might mean change for Harri when Maddox sets out to convince her that even Christians are allowed to have fun.

The story of a prodigal daughter’s transformation, Splitting Harriet reminds readers of God’s delight in forgiving, loving, and enjoying the ride.


Anonymous said...

You've got me curious...Maybe I'll pick up a copy. Big Sis

Tamara Leigh said...

Thank you so much for hosting my blog tour. I am thrilled that you enjoyed Harri's story!