Monday, November 17, 2008

Lookin' Back Texas by Leanna Ellis

When Suzanne Mullins gets a frantic call to come back home to Texas because her mother has gone off the deep end, she knows it will mean more than having to confront the crumbling foundations of her parents' marriage. Life with her husband and son is also cracking under the strain of its own unspoken history, and the past is waiting for them in Luckenbach. Will Suzanne go along with her mother's outrageous scheme in order to keep her family in one piece--even if it does mean watching her father give the eulogy at his own funeral? (from back cover copy)

This was one of those books that makes you wonder how the hey they will pull THIS one out. I was not, however, cringing the whole time wondering why they don't just TALK instead of digging these huge holes, which is a very good thing. All in all I think it was a very well rounded plot line with far more involved than just a whacko mom. I really enjoyed the many layers of this book and the absolute necessity of Suzanne's trip "home."

But can I tell you what I liked most about this book? It felt like going home for me. A little mini-vacation without spending money on gas. I knew those crazy people. I've lived the small town, everyone's up in your business, someone is always a witness, life. (Sometimes I still long for it.) I think Leanna Ellis wrote small town true to life--at least the small town that I know and love.

Methinks I shall check out more of her titles. I'm thinking Elvis Takes a Back Seat.

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