Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Speed Dating

Yesterday I got paid big moolah for speed dating.

No, not people, products. I had five minutes to decide whether or not I liked a product and why.

What keeps coming to mind is the term "fair" in regard to price. I'm sure the price is fair. But whether or not I'd buy it when the price is fair is disconcerting for me. It is a cool product? Yes. Would the kids love the product? Yes. Would I lay money down for it? Yes. Would I lay down as much money for it as you would consider fair? Ah, there's the rub.

The truth is, I'm a cheapskate. What I consider a fair price is a durn lot lower than the average Joe. Think garage sale. And even then sometimes I think people are a little insane. "But it's cashmere" isn't an excuse. Do you want it, or don't you? This is a garage sale. That is a used sweater. If you want $100 take it to a consignment store. Garage salers, though we sometimes carry that kind of cash, usually intend to spend their $100 on more than one item. Unless we are looking for a sofa. And sometimes even then.

I buy my clothes off the 75% off rack. The last party supplies I bought were from a garage sale for a quarter a theme. The last washable markers I bought were a quarter a pack in the after school started clearance section. (I bought five dollars worth.) That's what I consider a fair price. Actually, I suppose that's what I consider an exceptional price. But I don't often buy at a fair price.



So, in hindsight, I'm thinking I might have answered some questions dishonestly.

Regretting that a little.


Anonymous said...

A fair price, and something I'll consider buying at that price, are two very different things :).

And ditto on the garage sales. What are people thinking when they put prices on things?

Chaos-Jamie said...

I don't mind prices at garage sales. When they are reasonable. My experience is that when something isn't priced it is because they want to explain why the item is overpriced. No price, no sale.

But that's the non-confrontational me talking.