Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Rhetoric (Edited)

I saw a button on Facebook yesterday that said: "Can't brain today, I have the dumb." 'Bout sums up a mother's existence.


ever notice that when kids are out of school they pop out of bed at 6:40 and get busy fighting, but when they have school (or a ballgame or church) you have to drag them out of bed weeping at ten till eight?


we have two copies of "Cars." Can't find either one.


I know I have one more.

Can't brain today. I have the dumb.


I remembered! It just took a change of location. The kind of location in which one finds herself squatted in front of the TV, changing the movie.

In case you are curious, the best parts of Hello, Dolly! are shown on Wall-E. I wouldn't necessarily recommend you find your own copy to see for yourself. Though I am an admitted non-Barbara Streisand fan, apparently. Didn't know that until I watched 1/3 of Hello Dolly, but now I do. The things you learn while being slothful.

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Mother Mayhem said...

I prefer "The Matchmaker" with Shirley Booth playing the part of Dolly. :o)