Thursday, February 05, 2009

That Girl

This morning princess asked, "Can I have milk without cream on my cereal?"

Sorry, dear. All we have is milk with cream today.

She honestly decided to eat her raisin bran dry rather than drink 2%.

I find this new quirk hilarious.

I understand it tastes different. And I often prefer skim. The other is pretty heavy (and the cream sometimes picks up the plastic flavor--ick--the reason we originally went to skim). But it isn't like she was drinking a cup.

To think it could "ruin" raisin bran.

She makes me smile.


mommy4life said...

We can be particular sometimes. Can't we?

I would probably do the same. I can't stomach 2% any more either.

Anonymous said...

When I was Abby's age and recuperating in the hospital I refused to drink pasteurized milk. Mom brought me some good farm milk.
It took me a long time before I could drink "store" milk. MIL