Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reason 5,486,942 that I don't, and may not ever, homeschool

Those little things that children find so delightful, let's say, a hot can of Wild Cherry Pepsi, falling and exploding all the way up the walls of my cathedral ceiling entryway, all over the chandelier, all over the front door, all over the coats on the coat rack (because I haven't gotten around to putting them away and why bother this late in the game) and all over Eldest, Charming, Princess and myself (not to mention WASTING a perfectly good can of caffeine), all while looking for Charming's lamby which he cannot sleep without when I should be at the grocery store because I will have a ton of kids over tomorrow and have no kid friendly food, while a contractor (who happens to be a relative that I CARE what he thinks of me)is in the bathroom listening while I burst into tears, and knowing it is all my stupid fault....

I do not find delightful.

Listening to the recreations of the explosion...not going over well.

The analysis of why there was an explosion...makes me mad.

The delight in the explosions and the inability to realize that mom could use help with ANYTHING and may not be happy about the explosion...


And that, my friends is why I don't homeschool. I did NOT turn it into a learning experience. I sent them to bed.

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Lynette said...


We have coffee stains all over the blinds in our bedroom. Not 100% the kids fault; Steve left a cup of coffee on the dresser and Kristin later knocked it off. It also went all the way to the ceiling. Got ceiling, wall, floor and windows. Cleaned most of it up, but the carpet, blinds and ceiling are forever stained.