Monday, August 03, 2009

Apples and Trees

Princess just asked me, "Mom, could I have some Bubblicious Assorted?" Not gum, mind you, Bubblicious Assorted.

I still remember telling my mother that my favorite pop was "Nesbits." Not orange, which is what I meant. No, Nesbits, which I thought was the brand name (my mother corrected me. the word was in cursive. I still don't remember what it is. I always called it Nesbits).

I still remember telling my friend I would wear my "Connies" tomorrow. (Translation, white flats, Connie brand). She was wearing her huaraches.

It isn't like I was driving my Maserati and letting people know. I was drinking pop, wearing cheap shoes.

On the other hand, a coke isn't a coke unless it is a Pepsi.


mommy4life said...

drinking the last pepsi in the house right now!!!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It's funny how brand awareness has crept into everyday speak. How many times have you asked for a Tylenol or Kleenex? Isn't every wobbley geletin dessert made of Jell-o?

Liz said...

funny - I would name my outfits as a kid.

okay, that was too much to share :)