Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Fodder

OK, I said I was going to let this go, and I am--eventually--but this was just too good.

My Beloved took me to lunch today at the Pine and Bamboo for our belated, "Well, if the kids have to start school here, at least we can celebrate by eating Chinese for the first time since they got out of school" lunch of food way too "gross" and "spicy" and "full of disgusting things" for the kids to consume. When we walked out, we were faced with this:

(there should be an awesome photo here of four (count 'em, four) silvery beige minivans and two silvery beige cars in a row. Three were Honda Odysseys, broken apart only by the Ford version. Alas, I could not rustle up the camera that has been in my purse for over a month because I cleaned out said purse just yesterday.)

Did I mention that this is a very small parking lot and out ,maybe, 20 cars six in a ROW were beigey silver and even more not in that little row were?

"Oh, this is blog fodder for sure," said I.
My Beloved said, "You're never going to let this go, are you?"
And so, to prove his point, I pointed out every beigey silver minivan in the 15 blocks it took to get home. There were a LOT.

He has informed me that silvery beige doesn't count. I disagree. I say if you put silvery-beige and beigey-silver in a row with beige, silver, and white, they all look the same.

What say you?

And next time I WILL have the camera.


Senior Citizen said...

We are all breathless! Did you find your cloned Honda? If not, push the horn button on the keys plastic thingie. It will start hollering for you to relieve it - Yeh, now if that darn missing coffee cup had a horn and a plastic key thingie -

At least you got to eat chinese - Mrs. Senor conviently doesn't like it. She also hates sea food, except Long John's grease sticks.

Try hitting the trunk thing - NO, it won't look the same - it will just look like a van is expelling gas. Must be the chinese food.

Senior Citizen - Old, fat, cranky, bald, with big spots all over my bald head - But that is sooo much better than stripes - given that, the world is a wonderful place to loose your Honda Van in.

mommy4life said...

Yep. They all look the same. I couldn't do it. I can't do navy. I have tried to get into too many vans that belong to others as it is...

MotherT said...

I told my hubby that when we get our next car, it will be a bright color. Even though our PT is red, we have a lot of red cars in our small town. I'm thinking lemon yellow or neon green. **chuckle**