Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GenX Radio

I have contended for quite some time now that there should be an 80s radio station. How many years of the 90s did I have to listen to 60s stations while searching around for "something worth listening to?" (To my notice, there was one station, maybe two, that played current music, there were a couple country stations, some easy listening stations and several that played "oldies" which spread all the way up into the 70s....which was SO OUT in my teen brain. 50s, yes, tolerable and possibly fun, 70s, decidedly not.)

So when the other day I saw a billboard advertising GenX Radio, I quickly shifted off my Christian station and reconnected with my past sinful self. :)

Yes, my kids were in the car. Yes, they rolled their eyes at me. And since then, they've asked for me to download "that you've gotta fight for your right to party song."

Now, I love me some KLOVE, I do. Christian music is, 99% of the time, where it's at for me. But some days when I'm feeling particularly low, long about the third song telling me the world is bigger than my needs, I want to rock out to Cindi Lauper.

That was all a prelude to the following:

So today I turned on GenX Radio to do my dishes (a time of day when I particularly don't want to hear about serving with purpose) and there is Dr. Phil giving a little talk about kids on the internet and internet seduction and sexting etc, etc. segueying into some hair band the likes of which I recognized, but can't remember now 30 minutes later...and I couldn't help but crack up. They so have us nailed.

Gen X: Parents first, in need of a moment to let our hair down, remember we are people, and  rock out.


Mrs. D said...

I'm a rockin'...maybe if Christian radio didn't repeat the same songs over and over my patience for it would change.

Senior Citizen said...

Hey, good show - click on it and get some more you tube with other good messages like this.

O - yaw, same problems mom's had in the 50's - 2010. Probably, since Eve got kicked out of the garden. Does Christian radio make you feel guilty??? I do. Can't understand the words so I make up my own. Terrible. Only listen to easy listening and watch the birds.

Difference for you young folks is technology - to much to keep up with and it scrambles the brain. 60 zillion bits of info. and sound bites ruins life.

Don't know the answer, but try sitting on the back porch and not in front of the TV - Computer and other stuff.

Or, just try finding my darn coffee cup - don't need all the other stuff to mess up my thoughts.

mommy4life said...

ok, where on the dial is it? Because NOW I have to listen.

Chaos-Jamie said...