Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eatin' My Words (and they don't taste sweet)

I stand corrected.

My Immigration officer is neither illiterate, nor an idiot, contrary to my prior beliefs.

You know caller ID? Yeah, sometimes it filters calls one should take.

Why that person doesn't leave a message I don't know.

Sadly, I actually do. It's due in no small part to the fact that my answering machine is a robotic man and the fact that you don't get to know you are calling me unless you know that my answering machine is a robotic man.

Because we live in smallville where voicemail isn't easy to come by. And possibly because I simply didn't care if people left a message or not.And, because my house is never quiet enough to leave a professional message.

However if people don't leave a message, I assume they are trying to sell me timeshares in Branson.

Almost the only people who do leave a message are collectors for the prior owner of our phone number. Don't judge me.

So, surprisingly, it turns out "he" is a she, who is articulate, recognized my name and knew my circumstances and could  explain in plain English WHY my homestudy didn't meet the standards. All this after explaining why our biometrics couldn't be used. A) our homestudy was insufficient and B) our form printed out wrong. Then took away the threat of "significant delay" by further encouraging me to not only try to walk in before our next biometrics appointment, but call her as soon as it is in so that she can rubber stamp me. 


And for those of you not following this saga on facebook, I got another letter yesterday, dated the day AFTER my last biometrics appointment that said showing up for our previously scheduled biometrics appointment would "significantly delay" our process. Day late, dollar short. I'm surprised the top of my head does not reside on the moon.

So, yes, I must drive an hour away to be fingerprinted with the immigrants again, and Brent must take another day off work, but.....all things being equal, this is much better than standing in Ethiopia with a child that neither Ethiopia nor the US recognizes as a citizen.  

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Senior Citizen said...

Your original feelings would be 99% accurate in dealing with government folks. Perhaps 99.99%

Finding just one without their (stuff) all messed up should give a little hope ---- Probably dreaming here. Now, If I could just find where my other 2/3 hid my coffee cup. Surely it's not in my old tax return boxes.

Senior Citizen