Friday, September 02, 2011

I'm Totally Geeking Out Here!

One of my favorite movie quotes from one of my favorite movies.

Here's another: "Greater Good?! I'm the greatest good you ever gonna get!"

That second one was free it has nothing to do with this post.

I just realized it is September. Twice today I noticed that someone's blog was dated September 2nd. Twice today I thought, "How strange that they've dated a month ahead." Regardless of the fact that I turned the calendar. Regardless of the fact that I've written checks appropriately dated. Regardless of the fact that it is Labor Day weekend (Regardless of the fact that my husband will spend the entirely of the weekend laboring because his client forgot to mention that their web site MUST be launched on Monday and Brent NEVER let's his clients down. Even when they are jerks about holiday weekends. Humph.) Regardless of the fact that it is birthday month around here. And I thought, I'm totally geeking out here! So I titled this post that.

But what I really intended to post was another movie quote:

All that says is, "Hello, we're selfish bastards."

I think that may be one of the many things holding me back from fundraising. Everyone's doing it. It is a perfectly legit thing to do. I can rattle off multiple venues that will let me sell something and skim off the top. I could apply for grants. It isn't that hard. (Actually, it is. My computer has frozen up enough times when I hit the submit button, I can only believe that God is still telling me to wait. It isn't like my computer freezes up all the time or anything.) But it shouldn't be that hard. For normal, green lighted people.

I'm also not completely discounting pride. I don't think it's pride, but I'm not above believing that I could have a pride issue. Seeing as how I don't really enjoy bruises on my pride. I attempt to keep myself humble by parading all sorts of people into my home whether it be picked up or not, because I refuse to leave them on the porch when it is this hot.

Oh, while I'm talking about the weather: It's so hot here that my gardening gloves MELTED onto my deck. I kid you not. I didn't know rubber melted at 112. Maybe the direct sunlight? I don't know. Now was that an interesting enough story to merit the weather conversation? I thought it was.

And while I'm discussing things I claim to not discuss, let me clarify: I do like a good dialogue about political ideals, I just see no point in sitting around bashing whoever is in office, be that Obama or W.  I do not think either Republicans nor Democrats are inherently evil. I do think a few of both probably are, but that's for another day. My politics these days tend to fall along the lines of "Get off your butt and start doing something to make the world a better place and quit waiting for someone in the stinking government to fix the world's problems." But that's just me

And while I'm throwing out controversial subjects: I do not believe SUVs are inherently evil. I don't drive one, but that does not mean I never will. I'm SALIVATING over a Suburban. I'm envisioning my five little bodies growing up and riding to ballgames all shoved into a minivan and I shudder. Especially now that, though the need it, my children forget deodorant. *cough, cough, choke*

But back to the movie quote. It's from Juno, a movie about a pregnant teen who can't bring herself to abort (yay for a pro-life message!). She's reading through the classifieds, looking for an adoptive family and runs across one that is already a family of five. (Her commentary on all the classifieds is pretty funny if you have an evening to burn. I can't throw myself behind all the content, but it is quite humorous and also quite touching. I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob. ) She doesn't want her baby to be one of the pack, so she makes the comment, "All that says is Hello! We're Selfish Bastards!" Actually, I don't remember the quote exactly, but that's the message. And sometimes I find that running through my mind. Is that what people think? Sheesh, she's already got four! Share a little with the rest of us! Desperately seeking spawn...

I can't stop. I'm helpless against the fire that burns within. I ached for this little girl. I tried to talk myself out of it. Lord knows Brent tried to talk some reason into me. (He's fully on board now. Don't go thinking this is a one sided deal.) I have handed the pregnant moms and their precious newborns into the loving care of others, but I just can't help myself with this little girl..

Anyway, those are my completely random Friday musings with a stinking lot of movie quotes thrown in. How's this for a fund raiser? If you can name all the movies I quoted and the quotes I took from the movies, you can donate the cost of a movie ticket to one of my many friends who are in the midst of adoption fundraising. I have several. They are all quite worthy of your $8. At least their soon-to-be children are. :)

This is not my promised post on perceptions, by the way. Still formulating that one.


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