Monday, September 05, 2011


I decided that with a five year old blog, I should have a new profile photo. Turns out that blogger has changed so much in five years that that photo you see in the "about me" section can't be changed or removed. It is a permanent fixture.

(Unless you or your husband are a master programmer.....wait.....well, you know what they say about plumbers wives)

Working with this bit of information, I, not a master programmer, decided to add a photo just above the about me section. Turns out, I'm usually holding the camera. Not a lot of favorable photos of me in my computer.

Beside the point.

So I added this one. But Brent is more of a global photographer. He gets the big picture. So, though you can see the entire situation, only about six people on the planet will "get it." And only about six people on the planet will also recognize the fact that I am laughing so hard I am about to pee my pants. Or would be about to if I'd had any water in the last 48 hours. Considering the fact that I am in Jordan where you can't drink the water, can't afford the water, and don't want to use the bathrooms anyway, I suppose I should say that I'm laughing so hard, I'm about to fall over.


That is not really my normal smile. If you could see the photo big I am obviously laughing in a chaotic situation.

I'll probably change it later.

"Don't touch the cats! You'll get the rah-bies!"

Actually, what I'm laughing about is the guy next to me, just out of the photo frame who leaned over to his buddy and said, "Duuuuuude, WHAT is with the people and taking pictures of cats around here" It's a CAT."

Man if you only knew the history we have with this cat...


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Barb said...

Hi Jamie. Miss you guys! Barb