Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Birthday Wish List

When I was a kid and my mom would have a birthday, I'd ask her what she wanted and she always answered, "Nothing." I didn't get that. Of COURSE she wanted something, didn't she?

Now I get it.

Yesterday I was thinking about my birthday wish list. Topping it off was the thought, "I would just love for everyone to leave me alone for a couple hours so I could read my book."

(Please don't tell me how awful that is. I am well aware.)

I'll have you know that I put my kids to bed last night and sequestered myself in my room and read my book...for a while. I fell asleep loooooong before the two hour mark, but it must count for something.

As I was putting the kids to bed, I told them, "You know what I want more than anything else?"

Eldest says, "For us to not say, 'Aaaawwwww?'"

"OK, yeah, that tops the list. But second? Don't wake me up until....8:30. Can you do that? And by not waking me up until 8:30 I don't mean get up at the crack of dawn and think you are being sneaky to make me breakfast in bed. I really mean I don't want to hear a sound until 8:30. I don't want to have to come down and show you how to make my coffee. I'll do it. At 8:30. Not a second earlier. Please? Can we do that?"

I was wide, stinking, awake at 6 AM, I'll have you know. My children did admirably. I didn't hear rumblings until after 8.

It was beautiful.

And to mooch off Amy Grant? The rest of my list goes a little something like this:
No more lives torn apart
wars would never start
time would heal our hearts
Everyone would have a friend
Right would always win
love would never end

I am currently reading Scott C Todd's Fast Living, which I would link to, (edited: did link to. Brent fixed my Firefox. Turns out my Amazon linkilator is on the fritz. So you get a direct link, because I have chosen to not be lazy. I like the book that much) but Firefox isn't working for me and Explorer sucks, so you'll have to search for it yourself. However, it makes me extend my list to include:
God's people would allow themselves to believe that we can eradicate poverty.

But, since it's my birthday and I can, let me also ask that you go to Anna's blog where you can donate the cost of a birthday card towards her adoption of this little guy.

Really, every dollar helps at this point. So if you are a dollar general birthday card buyer or a hallmark die hard, one dollar or seven, it all helps. If you do, leave me a comment either here or on my Facebook page letting me know you did. I'm going to have a super-fantastic drawing for a super fantastic product from a super fantastic group for one person who will help me celebrate my birthday this way. It will likely be something from Bead for Life or Ergon. Or maybe both. Because I have a thing for vocational training for women trying to feed their families.

And if you really, really want to buy me something, I'd love one of these.

And, oh, an undisturbed bubble bath long enough for the water to grow cold. Ah, now that's where it's at.

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Wendi said...

I love your heart. Thanks for the motivation to give. Hope your day was great.