Friday, October 21, 2011

Can I Just Write a Check?

Never mind, I decided to write the cutsie, lighthearted, post anyway, seeing as how I am incapable of doing anything else and my son is camped in front of Curious George.

So, the Girl Scouts are doing a garage sale fundraiser this weekend. I filled my van with donations. Several garbage bags full plus a few larger items. I loaded all of it, together with my two clothing racks at 8 PM last night and drove to the warehouse where I spent two hours and fifteen minutes setting up for the sale that started four minutes ago, now (and which I am probably supposed to be at and am not because I'm trying to not have a public meltdown). By the end of the night, I was freezing, my nose was running, my back and my feet hurt and we still had hours of work to do. Only half the clothes were hung, we were out of hangers, we were out of space and there was still a huge pile of stuff that needed to be sorted.

It was at this point in time when I discover that we are doing this sale in order to cover the cost of the girl scout handbook, which is, apparently, $7, and dues, which, if my information is correct, are approximately $12 a year, which can be paid monthly. (My information may not be correct, because this is not an easy number to come by, even in the age of google.) So I found myself thinking, Can't I just write a check? Shoot, I could probably scrounge up enough loose change in my van to cover a couple months of dues.

When I related this to my husband, he began referring to me as "Princess."

Yes, just call me Princess.

And hand me a pen.

Aft note: I sincerely hope that families who can't afford the $19 benefit from the sale. Girls who wish to be in Girl Scouts should be able to be in Girls Scouts whether they can afford it or not. This isn't to downgrade families who need financial help. I am mocking self. It is called satire. Please don't be offended.


Sarah said...

I'm offended.

Sarah said...

That was satire too. :)

Anonymous said...

Would it be kocher to pay one fee for anyone who could stop Mrs Sr. from hiding my coffee cup?

Senior Citizen said...

Satire - Yep, Ooo? Perhaps it might work. Senior Citizen with brain frazzel. Now where did she hide it this time. Sr.