Thursday, October 06, 2011

Feeling Kinda Snarky

...because not everything I post has to be serious, I offer you a visit to my snarky self.

So, since mid-August, when the local college students returned to town, I've been intending to make the following post to Facebook:

Dear Tabor students. There are two crosswalks connecting the north and south portions of campus which span D street. Neither of them are in front of Ampride.

(Trust me, the locals would get it.)

Nothing quite brings out the road rage like stopping at two crosswalks for students, only to stop at a third cross point so that a pack of pimply faced wanna-be adults can mosey in front of my vehicle while checking their phones for incoming texts and not even acknowledge the fact that a vehicle has stopped for them to cross, mid-block, where there is no crossing.

And then this week? Whadda ya know. The city painted a cross walk for them. Yes, a FULL ten yards from the other one. Because to ask students to actually walk to the crosswalk to cross is just asking too much. Let's just put another in.

And, just because it's my blog and I can.

I do have some compassion for the students and their crosswalk. Singular. Dashing across that street would be taking your life into your hands and was in the 90s (when we didn't have a crosswalk that was acknowledged by any drivers). But then I went to KU where you don't even look before entering a crosswalk because everyone WILL stop for you. However, not at a crosswalk, all bets are off. You enter the road, you very well may die.

And, for what it's worth. The cross point where my roomie and I crossed to get to campus did not have a crosswalk and I very nearly did die there on several occations. And the nearest crosswalk from there was down a steep hill and probably more than 100 yards.

When I revisited campus a few years back, I noticed they'd added a crosswalk there.

That one, I get.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean...and have you ever seen college students walk so slow? The people at the nursing home could beat them across the street.
Mrs. B.

Another Hillsboro Driver said...

I anticipate seeing a future crosswalk designated for "soccer players only" between Tabor and the cemetary roads.

Students, when you step into the crosswalk - "WALK WITH A PURPOSE!!!"

Chaos-Jamie said...

I anticipate a time when they will just add two large white lines. One at Adams street, one at Lincoln street. Students can cross at any point between the two. I also anticipate many text checking block parties in the street. I think it brings many of them particular pleasure to make us stop, just because they can. (And, yes, there are a few who wait to be waved across and then flat hustle across.)