Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chaos Thought for the Day

Pointing out the stupidity in others takes little imagination. A true ability is one that can find a way to love them despite their stupidity.

Arrogance is not a virtue.

Yes, I am talking to myself. And yes, I do see, at this moment that my thoughts on the matter are, in fact, pointing out the stupidity in arrogant people. Today it feels like a risk worth taking.


Sr Citizen said...

Perhaps it might lighten the load if we just simply - look - see the stupid and arrogant and keep the pointing tool quiet and tucked into the hand - the hand God gave you and wonder why we are so blessed.

Unless of course she hid my coffee cup again, just when I found a really great coffee bean from Ethopia.

Ooooo - great discovery, drink coffee from a mug and discover all the pointing tools are neatly tucked into the hand that God gave you..... Wow ! that brings on some really great reasons to brew another pot of that great Eathopian coffee. Sr.

MotherT said...

There's more truth in your post than most people will get with the first read-through!