Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A blog post in FB statuses

I think of Facebook statuses all day. Though I've come to know for a fact that not everyone wants to know all the clever things I think of all day. However, since this is my blog and people either come here intentionally to find out things about my life, or stumble upon it because their googlies match, I will just post status updates here in one big post. Because I have time for one liners. It's the well thought out, meaningful posts that I can't find time for anymore.

Last night, Princess made the declaration that today was her last day of elementary school. *gasp* I lost my breath there for a minute.

I miss my Target shopping expeditions with Charming.

Whoot! Last day of school!

I got three cruise brochures in the mail yesterday. Who has been voyeuring in on my fantasies?

Kinda wigging out. I have a pile of swimming suits that are too small for anyone in my family. This end of era stuff is hard.

I always think I want fruit trees....and then I "help" harvest my mom's and I realize there would be a lot of rotten fruit on my trees because that is a stinkin' lot of work.

I've decided that Iris is no more annoying than my other children. It's just that with them, I can say, "Stop that. It's annoying." And they either will or I will say, "If you must continue, leave." And they either will or I will say, "I kid not not, child, mama's gonna go ape on you if you don't stop." And they will or will be condemned to their bedrooms. She just pretends like I'm not speaking/she can't understand me.

I know, I know, it's a status, not a diary.

What am I supposed to do with this baby bird that Nonny the Evil brought me last night, but didn't kill? It's just sitting outside my window, starving to death.

Nonny the Evil finally finished the job. 

I've decided it takes about one month to miss Ethiopia.

I keep having flashes of what "living" is. Most of what we do, isn't.

Educated our little Ethiopian in 80s music. Brainwashing officially in progress.

Holy......I am the mother of two middle schoolers.

You know you've done your job when your grinning kid shushes you for making a scene in the closing seconds of the school year.


Educating our little Ethiopian in "summer." School tomorrow? No. What? Swimming, baseball, late nights, cold treats, sleeping in, fun. *confused look*

Apparently 2012 is the year of distopian lit for me. Read Hunger Games trilogy (again), reading The Giver trilogy (again), and reading the Shadow Children Series to the kids.

You know those people who like to blow out other people's candles to make theirs shine brighter? Stop your puffing in my direction. I beat myself up enough as it is. If you intend to use my blog against me, make sure I don't know about it, mmmmmkay?


The Brew Crew said...

I MISS YOU!!! July??

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