Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways:
Year 1: For marrying me when we were too young, too poor and too stupid in love to know better.
Year 2: For letting me live on the opposite end of the country from you so that we could BOTH pursue our dreams...regardless of the fact that it all came to naught.
Year 3: Through the trials of grad school psychoses and the beginning inklings of infertility.
Year 4: Through the first of several miscarriages.
Year 5: When we learned where babies come from...ARKANSAS!
Year 6: When post-partum psychoses made grad school psychoses look mild.
Year 7: Though the seven year itch.
Year 8: OMGosh I'm pregnant again????
Year 9: For letting me have Frodo on the back porch.
Year 10: For being my biggest cheerleader and encouraging me to write my first novel.
(please tell me there will be a second someday?)
Year 11: When the rejections started rolling in, but the contracts for non-fiction did also. Still cheerleading.
Year 12: When we hit our stride. As evidenced by the appearance of Charming.
Year 13: The best one yet.
Year 14: Dear Lord, there must be more to life than cooking and commutes and comparisons.
Year 15: For bringing us back to the 'boro and surrounding us with family.
Year 16: To Africa and back. Twice.

I love you Mr. Chaos.
Tell me you'll dance with me when we're old and wrinkly.


Mrs. D said...

Happy Anniversary! Hopefully you get to go on a good long date (the kind that starts at noon). :)

The Brew Crew said...

Here's to another 16 chaos-filled years! Love you guys!

mommy4life said...

God knew what he was doing when He put the two of you in the 'boro together. :) Very thankful for you both!