Friday, May 04, 2012

Fresh Produce Review

So, before I left for Ethiopia, I told you about my new skirt from Fresh Produce.
And now that I'm home and have washed the grime off, Brent and I went out back, in gale force winds, to take pictures of me with jet lag, in my new skirt.

Me, in a jersey tiered skirt

jersey tiered skirt, in pebble

it just makes you want to dip your toes in a waterfall...

work it, work it

new skirts cause euphoria!

even wild animals will like you in a new skirt!
For perspective, here's me in an old skirt:
 Do I look even remotely "fresh?"

I'm kidding. I live in skirts, so I should be able to give a valid opinion on this one. And here it is: This skirt is 100% cotton and made in the USA. As opposed to my other tiered skirt that is 100% poly and made in Vietnam. My new skirt is cool and goes with everything. My old skirt is hot. Yes it also goes with everything, but it is looking old and raggedy. My new skirt I can't wear in Ethiopia because it is too short....but I believe Fresh Produce has some long ones, should I decide to go back in the near future.

If I were buying, I would buy it in the grey color they advertise it in. I thought that might be what "pebble" was. I was wrong. If you buy it and you buy "pebble," know that your candy cane striped panties will show through. I dig the light tan pebble. I just also want one in grey. When I ordered this skirt, I ordered a medium. It fit for three days of wear. Then I washed it. And went to Ethiopia. And barfed up six pounds of belly fat. I think I will order they grey in a small. I'm not sure if wear/wear/wear/wash made the difference or the weight loss did. A medium fit perfectly based on their size charts and my weight at the time. But if you are on the border of two sizes.....I dunno, maybe size down. In the skirt, anyway. It's stretchy.

My vote: Fresh Produce clothes jersey tiered skirts are pretty rad. And I want more.
Not a skirt wearer? Fresh Produce has other stuff, too. I like the BFF top.


Sara W said...

Love the photo shoot! Had me smiling/laughing at my computer screen as I was imagining the conversation between you and your photographer.

Anonymous said...

oh so jealous of your backyard!! I keep forgetting how beautiful it is...and so is my sister!
Big Sis