Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Things We Take For Granted

Tap water.
That won't kill you.
Brushing your teeth.
With tap water.
Water pressure.
A shower.
Clean vegetables.
Shoe choices.
Clothing options.
Traffic laws.
Paved roads.
Having something to do.
Eye contact.
Bare feet.
Giggles of children.
Incessant chatter of your offspring.
A small hand reaching for you for comfort.
Being able to communicate.
Stores actually carrying what you need.

I climbed into the shower after Brent on Sunday night to discover that he'd used most of the hot water. It was still the best shower I'd had in a week. Instead of being irritated, I was thankful. I climbed out refreshed.

I think at times we get so hung up on the little things that bother us, we forget about all the good we have stopped noticing.

Ethiopian coffee ceremony with Chaptas.
Lord, may I never stop noticing the good.

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Sara Major said...

When we returned from Honduras, I went to Wal-mart for groceries. I was in the dairy aisle looking for butter. All these choices jumped out at me and I felt so overwhelmed. I became very dizzy, left my full cart right by the butter and drove home crying!!! I had several small "nervous breakdowns" after those first few months home. But now, ten years later, I needed what you wrote to remind me of the little things, too. I get to eat meat everyday if i choose, even every meal if I want!! Here's to the small things, and our big GOD that provides them!