Monday, February 26, 2007

Gotta Love 'Em

This morning, as I was trying to ignore my short people who got up before the sun, I heard this conversation:

"Frodo took my tissues."

"Princess, you don't need to blow yours nose, you just sniff yours snot like this (snAARF!)."

What a delicious thought at 6:22 on a Monday morning.

Later, as Frodo and I were driving he informed me, "I don't have to blow mys nose, I just sniff it...and sometimes I eat it. It tastes good. Like chips."

See why I use pseudonyms for these poor kids? In fifteen years some cruel chick will google Frodo and come up with nuthin.


Julie Carobini said...


On another note, I take it you've still got a tummy :)?

Chaos-Jamie said...

The tummy is still here. Apparently the nesting was a false alarm. I wish I had some of it today!

I think I'll let the blog know when I'm in labor.