Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Phonics Lesson

Courtesy Princess, age five.

Her teacher's name is Mrs C. I saw an envelope addressed to her this week:

"Miss isee" Well, yeah, I'm sure she answers to that, too.

And here is Princess' story she wrote yesterday, with my translation:

vu caoe sleps in u pns tn vu caoe uax up
(The cow sleeps in the pens then the cow wakes up.)

vu cao gis hut hurt
(The cow gets (I think this is two tries at) hurt.)

va caoo gis btr
(The cow gets better.)

vu caooe gis bedr
(she must have forgotten she'd already done this line.)

vu caooe gose too seep
(The cow goes to sleep.)

vu caooe haz u drem vu dreem iv scirre
(The cow has a dream, the dream is scarry.)

Hes scird us vu dreem
(He's scared of the dream.)

on see noe on it goes ba too slep
(When see no one it goes back to sleep.)

Ah, let the expression of ideas begin!

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