Friday, March 02, 2007

You know it's time...and other random thoughts.

You know it is time to go see the doctor when even your child's substitute teacher is recommending her specialist for a "problem" you hoped would pass (as boredom). teach your six year old propriety when he tells the doctor, "My mom bought a whole lot of junk food this morning." (translation: mom bought microwave popcorn that I've been begging for for a month and marshmallows to make a dessert.) do something about your naughty kids when they can no longer hear you unless you raise your voice. They used to be so obedient. I have no idea what happened. Perfect mothers, I could use some advice. bring on the tears (as if I could help it) when the doctor tells you what you already knew and tries to make that the end of the visit. Um, no, I have no intention of spending $89 to have you tell me it is not an infection. I knew that part...I want to know what it IS.

Since when is cash faux pas? Seriously, the receptionists look at you like you are nuts when you try to pay...and then try to do it in cash. Look, I don't get the discount if I use my mastercard, my checking account is empty and I'm holding out cash to you. Sure, you can run it through my "insurance," not get paid and six months later bill me. That sounds fantastic. Six months same as cash. However, I am holding green under your nose and you don't want it?

Then again, the "cash only" store (Aldi, which recently added debit cards) has also suddenly developed a cash allergy. What have we come to? (That wasn't fair, he did go into the back and get me some change. And they had only been open for 20 minutes.)

Costco is not cheap. They drew me in with their coupons, which were mostly good deals, but their rack prices are a bit, um, exorbitant. Why not just buy it at the grocery store?

However, they do have this product that I'm super excited about: Bolthouse Farms "Perfectly Protein" mocha cappuccino. At this stage of pregnancy I'm thrilled to find anything resembling coffee that also aids in my protein intake. When your stomach is the size of a walnut and you need to eat 100 grams of protein a day...let's just say the coffee replacement that has 10g per cup and no artificial sweeteners (which tastes quite good) helps. And no, at this point, I DO NOT look at carbs. Don't ask.

And I think I told you about a book list I was working though that recommends 100 books children should be exposed to before they are 12. I ordered the first 6 that we haven't read and we especially love this one:

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Julie Carobini said...

Coffee with protein. Huh. Maybe this is a way I can justify my caffeine extravagance. And just so you know, Jamie: I take cash. (ca-ching :)