Friday, March 30, 2007


I haven't been out much this month, as you might imagine, but I have gone to pick my kindergarteners up from school this week. And I noticed that Spring has sprung.

Don't you just love the flowering trees and spring bulbs? A couple years ago I planted a bunch of hyacinth bulbs in a corner patch of my front yard. I can smell them all the way up here in my dining room as I type. How I love the smell. (Princess thinks they stink like dog poop...I think it is due to the black dog that pees in that particular flower bed every stinking day. In other words, it is in her head.) My daffodils are blooming profusely. My tulips are trying (there are a few blooms). My lilacs have buds and most of my other flowering shrubs are either budding or in bloom. Oh, and the flowering crab trees....heavenly.

Is there any question why my mother has always called me spring fever?

Okay, but am I the only one who has noticed that Bradford pear blooms really DO smell like dog poop? And, seriously, every other house here has one. Some have whole rows of them planted. They are pretty, but if you are confined inside until the blooms fall off, what good are they?


Anonymous said...

I've never smelled a Bradford pear -- or I haven't done so knowingly, anyway.

This is our first spring in this house, and it was a brand new house when we moved in (meaning that we moved in on dirt). We put in three aspens, a flowering crabapple, a Newport plum, a dwarf maple, and a chokecherry. All of them are newly aware that it's spring, and it's the coolest thing in the world. I love the fat little buds that get just a bit fatter each day until finally one morning the buds can't hold themselves together anymore, and they burst open to reveal that bright, fresh, baby-leaf green. And that's just the trees! The shrubs (spirea, chokeberry, service berry) and the flowers (tulips, narcissus, baby roses) are all doing variations of the same thing. Love it!

Autumn is still my favorite season, but spring is gaining.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Consider yourself lucky that you haven't smelled one (they are the big white ones in case you get the "opportunity").

Spring in the midwest kicks bottom. Autumn is nice too. Especially where there are a lot of trees. Since I grew up in western Kansas, I didn't fully appreciate it until college.

Melanie-Pearl said...

heh-hey---it's yoo!

funny you should say this. my daughter has been throwing fits all week about how bad it stinks b/c of our trees.

i put pretty photos of mine up on the blog. thank goodness "smell-o-vision" never took off.