Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Frog's day

Frog has had a terrible day.

First, his mother had the audacity to serve up something for his midnight snack that he didn't want. He couldn't tell her what he did want so he was FORCED to fuss for better than two hours. When she finally figured it out that he wanted to sleep on her chest in the recliner, he got a few zzzz's.

But not enough. His dad woke his mom at 6:30 so that they could make it to a doctor's appointment. He had to switch chests for sleeping and that really annoyed him.

And THEN his mom put his stinky sour milk self in the shower and WASHED HIS HAIR!!!!

If that wasn't bad enough. His parents strapped him into some contraption so that he could ride in the car...and no one held him for 20 minutes.

And then, and then, they strapped him into another contraption and someone cut his Peter.

Talk about your bad days.

Mom is having a pretty crummy one herself. Though I understand that her doctor prayed for them before he started cutting and let her cry with Frog.

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