Monday, March 19, 2007

Burrito, or Burrito?

First, I must address this "hero" status that I've been handed. And once you read the whole post, you'll understand how truly unheroic I really am. Granted 22 pounds in a week sounds like a lot. And if the second 22 came off as easily as the first, yeah, maybe I'd qualify as someone's hero. I think it would also be terribly unhealthy. Just let me remind you that the first, oh, 10 came "off" when Frog came out. And I suspect another 5 was water that came "off" in the next 24 hours. The rest? Well, it takes a lot of calories to burn with fever and make milk. And I didn't eat that many calories. Here's why.

So, the night before I went into labor I made a pot of beans. For burritos. They are easy and my family eats them well. We had them a time or two. And then I suggested that my mom make "pan burritos" which is kinda like a layered enchilada (ala lasagna).

When Mom left with the kids on Wednesday Hubs and I were left to fend for ourselves. Except I've been sick as a dog. So when mealtime came around one of us would ask the other, "What ya wanna eat? Burrito, or burrito?"

We're pretty sick of burritos. Hence, I haven't been eating as much as I should.

So, Friday night, Hubs went over to a friends house to watch KU in the tourney. When he walked in our friend says, "Have you had supper? We have some extra burritos."

Canned chicken noodle soup has never tasted so good.

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Anonymous said...

That happened to me one time with spagetti. I was sick and 3 ladies from church brought spagetti on consecutive nights. I ended up in the hospital for the next meal and -----well you guessed it. I cried.