Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Miracle of Life

Thankfully it seems my fever was only a 24 hour thing for which I am quite relieved. I think my mom was worried that I might have gone septic. And considering some lady died recently after having her baby at home and going septic (she didn't have a midwife and wouldn't see a doctor...thus NOT ME) I was a little concerned. However, I seem to be well-ish again and am thankful to those of you that prayed.

Have you ever thought about the miracle that babies are? I mean, two half cells come together and make a whole cell that grows into this perfect person. And most of the time, it works just like that. They come out knowing they have to breathe, eat, and fill their diapers. And their bodies just do it. They know who their mamas are. They are a whole other person. Right from the start.

After three years of infertility, I thought I knew the miracle they were. I mean, I still do. But my brain is wrapping around it again now that this little lump of a person I call Frog is here.

My doctor once told me that even IF you (ahem) at the exact right time, there was still only an 11% chance of getting pregnant for most people. And that as many as 80% of those pregnancies end before the woman even knows she is pregnant. But for those of us who got beyond those

Ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes that blink, a complete digestive system, good breath sounds, strong heart. Wow.

And there are still people out there that don't believe in God. Amazing.

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