Friday, March 23, 2007

March Madness

So help me if it was one moment longer, I would take a baseball bat to my television.

I wonder how many women call their marriages quits during this season?

No that I will, I'm just curious.


Unknown said...

Sorry to tell ya, honey, but I love it! Of course, I hate that Wisconsin and all three teams from Tennessee are out (UT, Vandy, Memphis), two of which fell to Ohio State in extremely irritating 2nd half come-backs. I am officially now a Buckeye hater. (No, I'm not from Tennessee, but my mama is and it's one of my favorite places.) (And my dear husband is a UW alum.)

Hmmm ... maybe you're just crabby because Kansas is out? ;D

Anonymous said...

Whoops - didn't notice I was using my alter ego name in my above comment!