Thursday, February 22, 2007

Super Size Me

Last night Hubs and I watched "Super Size Me," and independent film (documentary) of a guy who only ate McDonald's for a month and the effect it had on his body.

I'm grossed out.

I knew it. I did. I really don't eat a whole lot of McDonald's anyway.




Some of the info he spliced in between him barfing french fries all over the parking lot made me re-evaluate everything my family puts in their mouths...again.

Yesterday I cooked a turkey breast. After the movie I picked the carcass, flinging skin, bones and fat into the trash and gagging. I'm beginning to wonder if I will get to enjoy my favorite treat of ice cream after the kids are in bed at night, ever again. (Because not only McDonald's took a hit, they attacked Baskin Robbins, too.)

Ugh. I still want to puke.

So, if you want to induce self flagellation go rent this one: Oh, with a warning, this is secular and therefore the language and lifestyle is....below par. But the info is worth it.

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