Friday, February 23, 2007

I Don't know What They are Talking About

I'm not "nesting...."

No I did not clean out and vacuum my van yesterday, freeze three meals and dust the inside of my TV cabinet at 10PM.

I did not fry 18 pounds of hamburger and freeze it in one pound portions this week.

Didn't cook four pounds of turkey and freeze it either. (Well, we ate the other pounds.)

I did not just vacuum under my daughter's bed and bookcase.

Didn't spend hours organizing my laundry room last weekend.

Didn't dust and fix my ceiling fan last night.

Scrub the mildew out of the runners of my shower door.

Clean my baseboards.

Organize the kids books.

Dust the plate rail in my kitchen.

Make four dozen cookies for the freezer...with plans to do a few more dozen.

Sort all my paper and drop it at the proper recycling locations.

Sort the puzzles.

Sort the cd drawer.

Or maybe I did.

I'm sure that isn't all, but you get the point. And if those are just normal, everyday, activities for you, more power to ya.

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the lizness said...

you DIVA~~