Wednesday, February 28, 2007

He's Always Been So Sensitive

Yesterday I read Eldest a book about Abraham Lincoln. We like Lincoln in this house so he already knew the story, basically. He really knows a lot about several of the presidents. Probably more than his mother.

He wants to live in the White House when he grows up, but doesn't want to be president. He's leaving that to his girl friend down the street. He wants to be the first husband. He says being president means you get shot in the head. I can't convince him otherwise.

So I finished the book yesterday and he rested his head against my arm. I thought he was sleepy...until I heard the beginnings of tears.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sad that Abraham Lincoln is dead."

"Oh, hon, he'd be dead by now anyway."

"I'm sad that he got shot in the head."

"Well, yeah, that is sad." (It didn't even say that in this book.)

"I'm sad about the other president that got shot in the head, too. (pause) Kennedy."

He cried for quite a while. I wish we all felt as passionate about our presidents, past and current.

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