Monday, May 05, 2008

Cool Dude

Princess is teaching Frodo how to be a "cool dude." She is educating him on foods to eat ("cool dudes drink milk so they will be smart and strong") and things to do ("cool dudes use their brain when they play, they don't waste brain cells on the TV") and what to wear...

she is doing this education in a long sleeved camo shirt with a monkey on it demanding chocolate, gray and orange shorts that say something about "dancing diva," navy blue knee high socks and black patent mary janes with brown flowers on them with her hair in a black floral headband. She dressed Frodo in an orange rugby shirt, topped with a white "Upward basketball" t-shirt over gray PE shorts with calf high black "Incredibles" socks and running shoes that are two sizes too big. They made his hair "cool dude" by "spiking" it (Frodo's hair is always spiky, I couldn't see the difference). (I know, I MUST learn how to upload photos on a regular basis.)

So, I have to ask, "On what planet?"


Anonymous said...

People over thrity just don't understand.


Rhea said...

I love little kids giving other little kids advice. Adorable! And, I love the image of their seriously need to upload photos, girlfriend! I need visuals!