Friday, May 16, 2008

The Garage Sale

I went to the garage sale last weekend.

Yes, that one.

The one that actually is a line item in my budget. I found out this year that I help her fund her vacation every year. And that she really did quit doing Pampered Chef (bummer for me--though it probably saved me $20-25).

It is awesome when you find someone you have so much in common with, size wise and fashion wise, who is willing to sell her life for pennies on the dollar.

I am also pleased to report that this year I drove directly to her sale (past numerous others), spent my entire budget, and drove past countless others again on my way home. Yes, I am learning. They will all pale in comparison anyway, why bother?

So what did I get for the grand total of $100? Let me tell you. It's a shame, an absolute shame, that I am still so unsavvy to not be able to post a photo of the pile. But a photo wouldn't do it justice anyway, because you can't see the tags.

For me:
4, count 'em four, pair of jeans from the Gap in a "long."
1 pair gap shorts
1 pair of Kenneth Cole jeans. (long)
1 Pair BCBG Maxima slacks in a nice cocoa brown. (long)
1 pair limited slacks in a cranberry. (long)
1 silk Banana Republic tank sweater
2 Ann Taylor tank sweaters
1 beaded tank, 1 rust droopy shirt of gorgeousness, 1 pair of pjs of unknown brandage.

For Princess
Actually, I don't know. I lost count. a couple skirt outfits, some school shirts, a couple skirts, a pair of crocs, and pair of tennis shoes, couple pair of jeans, a pair of capris, and a couple sweat suits. And one of those sweatery cape thingy's.

For Frodo
Again, as they immediately claimed them and put them in their closets (or I socked them away for next winter) I will go with the things that stand out. A pair of crocks, a pair of tennis shoes, a swimsuit, spidey pjs, superman t-shirt, some shorts and some jeans and some school clothes for next year. And since he was with me, 2 care bears and a power ranger guy.

For Eldest
Two new shirts for school, a couple pair of shorts, and a big pile of K'Nex with a pull along carrier.

And if that wasn't enough for you, I'm sure I left about 50% of it out. It literally filled the back of my van. With that, and the bar stool I bought so I can type at my kitchen counter.

What are the odds that one would find, in this huge city, someone with my taste, who wears my size, has a daughter one year older than Princess, a son that is one year older than Frodo, has kids that like the same kinds of toys my kids like, and used to sell Pampered Chef? And yet I found her. She has a sale the weekend of Mother's Day every year and she's stocked my closet since I bought out her maternity clothes five years ago.

As I told her, I used to be embarrassed to go to her sale and buy her out, but now I just think of it as my shopping spree of the year. (I'm still a little embarrassed, but it is so worth it.)


the lizness said...

hey, you're helping her, so NO SHAME :)

Rhea said...

You go girl! What a deal. I'm impressed. There is no shame in it!! How often does she have this sale? Once a year or once a month or what?

Chaos-Jamie said...

once a year. Thank goodness. I don't have the self control for it to be more often.