Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vinyl Attraction

Do any of you remember the post I had up a year or so ago about the quote "Boy: n; a noise with dirt on it." (?) It was for some vinyl decorating group whose name I currently forget (you are thinking, "yeah, right" but I'm being totally honest). I was browsing around some blogs today and came across A Bookworm's Diary wherein she is having a contest to give away a gift certificate to another (mom owned) company that does something similar, Vinyl Attraction. Her stuff is really cool!

I especially like this one:

You should stop by both places and check them out.


the lizness said...

Chris gave me that Willow Tree figurine for our engagement party last year. :)

Rashmi said...

Thanks for blogging and participating in this giveaway of mine.

I'm also having a HUGE MOTHER'S DAY Book bash at my book blog. Stop by sometime.