Thursday, May 08, 2008

I woke this morning so very tired. Tired of the CRAP. Tired of sharing my bed. Tired of being the human pacifier. Tired of finally getting to sleep about the time the big kids get up. Tired of being wakened because they found something in the give away bag that they simply must keep. Tired of tripping over toys they don't play with, but won't pick up. Tired of hearing that they don't know where they go. And tired of listening to the great weeping and gnashing of teeth when I try to get rid of it.

Because, let's face it, if they really held it in such high esteem, they would know where it goes.

I'm trying. Oh, how I am trying, to improve my attitude this morning. But at the current moment I feel like grabbing a big black trash bag or twelve and filling them to capacity and placing them at the curb. My life is ridiculous. We have too much. We are too blessed. We have so many possessions we've forgotten how great we have it.

I heard in church on Sunday that the orphanage we help support operates on $10,000 a month. They feed, clothe and shelter 137 children (and workers) on 10K. What is wrong with us that we think we are suffering greatly on a third of that for our families of 6 (ish)?

No. My mood isn't based on that fact and I know that "we live in the US and things just don't work that way" so no lectures. It is just playing at the back of my mind as I am frustrated with my kids for always wanting more when they don't take care of what they have.

And we are entering birthday season wherein I will have to find a place for a ton more CRAP that they will fight over for three days and then promptly forget.

I'm going to go clean something.

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