Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day at Club Chaos

I haven't been very quiet about my (ahem) disdain (maybe that's a little harsh) for Mother's Day. It's just so much work to be loved so much. I don't have that kind of patience.

Yes, I cried today. More than once.

Nothing makes me feel like a failure quite like Mother's Day.

I used to say that when I didn't/couldn't have kids. Now that I have them, not much has changed. I think I did have a year or two when it was fun. Before the kids got old enough that they knew what was going on.

Yes, I'm a wretch. Why I'm the only one that is overwhelmed with the cards and the love, I don't know. "No, I can't help you make me a paper flower for me! We need to get to church and I haven't had a shower yet!"

See, I know they are trying to do for me, but it sure feels like they are still making me do for them so that they can feel good about doing for me (so I have to go to church with oily hair).

As Rex says, "Great. Now I have guilt." Because only a wretch would be annoyed by having a day in their honor wherein people demonstrate over and over how much they adore you (and secretly all you want is a quiet moment to read a novel and eat bon-bons).

Anyway, after saying all that, the day was much improved over last year. Apparently the 6-ish age is the hardest.

I did get my traditional breakfast in bed. Pepsi. No pistachios or chips this year. And cards.

"Thank You! mom for Beyen a Good mom! (star, star, star, qubed) this is mom (above a heart cut with zig-zag scissors with a head and stick limbs (I'm all heart!)).

"I Love mom to the Ends of the Earth"

"I Love my MoM." (Picture of me and Princess)

"You're the best! your the number 1 mom"

And a picture of me at church with all the parking spots ("way more than we have at church")

And then Pastor gets on stage at church and asks why when it's Father's Day do we charge men to do better and be better dads, but on Mother's Day we talk about how wonderful mothers are and massage their egos.

I can tell ya. Because we do enough beating up of ourselves and we don't need any more.

And then I came home, ate dinner (did you know that McDonalds serves breakfast until 11? I used to think they did, but kept getting burned at 10:45 asking for breakfast and they'd tell me lunch started at 10:30. Whatever), did a pant load of dishes and then made 5 meals for my freezer.

My fam took me out for ice cream because I was free.

And then I ditched. Went out and changed my oil. Yes I did. It was lovely. The purple van was way over due. And had the guys at NTB not had the basketball game turned up so high that I couldn't think, it would have been nearly as relaxing as a pedicure.

Not that I would know, but one of these days, I'm doing it.

I should have gotten a haircut. This head is ridiculous. I'm starting to feel spiders crawling on my tummy because I'm not used to having hair down to the small of my back. It's kinda creepy.

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