Monday, May 12, 2008

Yeah, what SHE said.

Jenni summed up my thoughts about being a mom, but much more poetically than I could have done.

Speaking of mommy-guilt, I had more today. Why is it that when our children are most excited and happy, we are the most annoyed? Two words: Zoo Trip.



Anonymous said...

Because the "zoo trip" means hyper-active, motormouths. Because eventually you check the coffee pot (and sugar bowl) to make sure they haven't been imbibing, thus explaining their hyper-active, motormouthedness, because it's hard to imagine being THAT. EXCITED. over an afternoon of smelling kangaroo poo.

But he WAS (that excited) which means I was so happy to finally dump him off at school that I practically left tread marks in my haste to distance myself via leaving the parking lot.

Chaos-Jamie said...