Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Say Potato, I Say Po-ta-toe

Back in the day, approximately (exactly, to be exact) nine years ago, those of us in the biz sold brown diamonds to those people too cheap to buy the white ones.

Women came in the day after Christmas to exchange the diamond earrings that their boyfriend bought for some without "all those spots." (yeah.......um, that will take a few more hundreds.....)

Couples came in, took one look at a yellow diamond, and declared it unworthy.

Fast forward. 2004. People are paying more for yellow diamonds. The celebs are buying them for great amounts of money.

Fast forward again. 2008. They are selling brown diamonds. Marketing them. I'd like to have sat in that board room:

How do we get rid of these brown diamonds? Hey, I know! Call it chocolate! No woman can refuse chocolate! And we can charge MORE! Or how about champagne! Chocolate and Champagne! Genius!

Are we living in the twilight zone, or what?

Is it just me?


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

So, do you think my yellow and brown diamonds are worth money now?

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Does this fall under the mantra "Less is more"?

BTW my word verification was "ingived". Does that mean giving to yourself?
"I loved those diamonds, so I ingived them to me."

Chaos-Jamie said...

Here's hoping, Mrs!

Anonymous said...

Those would be CANARY diamonds. You know, as in the cheerful little yellow bird with a delightful twitter and happy disposition.

That's so much better than a "yellow" diamond. You get yellow diamonds at Walmart. CANARY diamonds come from Tiffany.

I can't believe you don't see the difference.

Side note: what is UP with a black diamonds? I think it's made up. They found some stash of abundant, black rock in a quarry some where and decided to sell it. By calling it a "diamond", they can charge a gazillion times it's actual worth.

Chaos-Jamie said...

It's called "coal," IM. And as high as fuel costs are these days, I'm surprised that they would lower it's value it by setting it in a ring.