Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Completely Unrelated and Yet Bizarrely Related Topics

My Cheez-its expire 09/09/09....

which leads to the question, do you think that 09/09/09 will have the same wedding rush that 07/07/07 did, or was that just because 7 is considered a lucky number?

(or for those religious among us, a holy number)

The random thoughts that run through my head while eating left-over football Doritos.

which leads to another thought: I loved the snow globe, crystal ball Doritos commercial, but couldn't they have had the guy bean the boss in the head with the snow globe rather than the crotch? I hate, with a passion, the crotch pot shots that people seem to find so funny.

Speaking of potty humor, I read for review this morning a book that is compared to David Pilkey of Captain Underpants fame. But except for the bathroom humor, of which there was little else and, incidentally, wasn't all that funny, I saw little worth comparing. I am ashamed to admit that I like Captain Underpants. It is funny. Gross, but funny. This other book? Not so much.

I shouldn't even give it three stars, but the sentences basically followed acceptable structure and by my guidelines, three is fair. Even if the book stank.

Speaking of stinky books, I read another book for review that has taken me three weeks to complete. The intro said boys would love it.

The hero does cocaine and is un-apologetic about it. I'm going to hand this book to my son?

I think not.

My son has a September birthday.

Which brings me back to my original question: will 09/09/09 be one of those days?


Boy Mom said...

Adorable Hubby and I were married on 07/07/(not a 7)and have 7 sons, it could explain some things...

My friend keeps encouraging me to have my boys read "Captain Underpants" perhaps I'll give it a try. We can never get enough potty humor around here.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I will just admit it...I really enjoy the first 2 Captain Underpants. The more books he wrote, the more he lost what was great in the first two. I used to read them to the boys at bedtime and then read them to Nurse Boy after the boys were asleep.

For the record, I am not planning on getting married on 9/9/09.

The Mrs.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I would read them to yourself first. I was fortunate enough to discover them when I was still reading TO the boys and could eliminate those things I didn't want them reading. Though, all in all, the humor is basically benign compared to SNORTING COCAINE!

We are so very lucky. My Sis gave the boys a gift copy of Captain Underpants that comes with a potty songs CD! (Have Mercy)

mommy4life said...

I have to admit, I liked the first two CU books better too. You can only take potty humor so far....

(Maybe it's because I'm a girl?)

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I heard that 08/08/08 was a huge marriage day in the Orient (where 8 is a lucky number).
I took liked Captain Underpants, and found several of them on ebay for my grandson.