Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Dad....

He emailed to let me know he had the perfect solution to my Tactful Target Torturer problem.

"Don't go through her line."

(I let him know that if I'd been thinking about what was in my cart, I wouldn't have.)

Methinks he was feeding nausea.

Men. He's been married almost 46 years and he still offers solutions when a woman is venting a really good story.

*waving to Dad who I think gave me permission to publicly mock him*

if not, I sheepishly hang my head and blow kisses


mommy4life said...

What's the saying? "It's always easier to ask forgiveness then ask permission."

Anonymous said...

Permission Granted - even hoped for. Dad

MotherT said...

Love the good-natured poke at your Dad! My hubby and I have a rule, if I only want him to listen while I vent I tell him, otherwise he feels honor-bound to fix!