Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It Comes Before the Fall

I'm so proud of myself today.

I submitted another story for consideration in the myriad of Chicken Soup books. That makes four in less than a week. And this one I got in just under the wire. Submission in no way means acceptance, but writing ANYTHING these days is a big deal for me. To write four stories, good or bad, is huge.

I actually feel sorry for my stupid cat. I think she was traumatized. The good news is the vet said they don't need to see her for another year. I'll be sure to budget her in with the GNP of a small country for 2010.

I'm having fun with my Strep-y kid. If I didn't actually have to teach him anything, I'd keep him home for school. However, once I try to bring out the books, I know his surly twin brother will show his face. I guess I'll keep sending him off to his teacher (to whom I had to confess that she knew him better than I since I thought he was faking).

Now, I'm off to do my study on Corinthians II. Only six days late. But I'll finish, yes I will.

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