Monday, March 30, 2009

Think I'm Exaggerating?

Eldest's visit to the doctor today including visit, strep test and medication for two, count 'em two, different infections: $138.98 (thank you Walgreens take care clinic)

Nonny's trip to the vet: $389. Including the very comforting call that she made it through her surgery "beautifully."


The fact that the mommy guilt runs high this afternoon because I was certain he was faking is a whole nuther post.

(Someone out there, not naming names, will think this is passive-aggressive hinting. It isn't. It is complaining. Pure and simple.)


Sr Citizen said...

Ugggghhhh $$$$$$$ bye bye $$$. No comment on the cat. When you was a kid, we just got another kitten from a very grateful neighbor. I was faking the not comment stuff. As to skinny pants, sounds like you and your sisters and your mother just being grateful you weren't fat. Way back in the dark ages, we just got a belt to keep up the pants and cinched them in tight. Made you look like you had stretch marks at age 8. Hee Hee Hee.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!! What vet did you use?!? Call me before you shell out that kind of money again!

Not that I'll do surgery, but I know a very reasonable vet.

Can't help you on the medication front.

HuskerFam said...

I know the feeling of thinking your kid is faking and then having the dr state, WOW I've never seen an ear infection this bad before! (then you remember the numerous times of "disipline" for not staying in bed at night.
I just thank God they will have short term memory of my shortcomes and know that I really do love him!!