Monday, March 30, 2009

Things That Make Me Want To Swear Today

Warning, if you aren't in the mood for snarky, come back tomorrow. She's about to rant.

Husky Pants: Target put their Cherokee dress pants on sale this week for $10. I go to the store to buy pants for my child that needs a 6 waist and a ten length. That, my friends, is a 10 Slim. Since the Cherokee have adjustable waistbands, a 10 Reg would work, not well, but it would work. What do they have? HUSKY. Husky, Husky, H-flipping-usky. Not just in the 10s. Oh, no. Six all the way up to 18.

Yes, I know, America has gotten fat, and if I don't live in the fattest city in America, I'm sure I live in the top 10 because the papers are always telling me so, but for crying out loud, carry SOME-THING for the slim people to wear, ya know? We're talking about an eight year old boy here. Don't most eight year old boys still run and play?

Easter clothes: Call me crazy, but didn't people used to wear pastels for Easter? Isn't that part of the reason for wearing white shoes on Easter? WHY, I ask you, WHY can I not find something SPRINGY to wear for Easter for my family? Princess I can find. She is a seven year old little girl. They still make a few spring-y dresses (not many, but a few) for a seven year old little girl. But what about the mama? She wants to match me on Easter and I can find is freaking black and white or navy and white or green and brown (the closest thing I can find to an Easter color and Princess thinks green and brown is "not so much").

I'm not even asking for pastel. I'm not. But royal blue, red, black, they don't count. Not on my boys, not on me. The one ALMOST Eastery color I found was Aqua. Two XS and one XXL. My boys are medium. Wanna guess why they don't have any mediums? PROBABLY BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY REMOTELY EASTER COLOR THEY CARRY and I'm not the only freakish one to believe that.

That Darn Cat: Let me just lay it on the line here: the $90 the animal shelter wants for you to adopt a cat. BARGAIN. It's a STEAL! PAY UP! DON'T TAKE IN THE STRAY! YOU WILL PAY MORE FOR THAT BLAMIN' CAT THAN YOU PAY OUT FOR MEDICAL CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN. Not only that, the people at the clinic act like the stray cat is part of the family. They call you to let you know your cat made it through surgery. They take blood to make sure the cat will survive the anesthesia. (Yes, I was heartless and asked, "So what's the worst case scenerio here if we don't take that blood? She dies? Yes, let's skip that test.")

I spent the morning snipping at my kids because I had to get the cat to the stupid vet "between 7:30 and 8:30" no other option. Kids needing to get off to school, be darned. And my kids that can't remember to feed the cat once in a month, fed her this morning when she was supposed to have "no food after midnight." And I shrieked, SHRIEKED people, "NOOOOOOOOOOO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! YOU CAN'T FEED THE CAT!" Freaked out the cat. Freaked out the kids. I'm sure they all think she will die.

The one thing that ALMOST makes this cat worth surviving the stupid surgery is when we left the vet's office without the cat, poor little Charming was crying, "Nonny." Boo-hoo. Darn cat better survive.


mommy4life said...

Having Nonny "fixed"?

Anonymous said...

The problem is that nearly EVERY boy in the greater KC area is, apparently, the same size as our kids.

Have you ever found much on clearance for Eldest? Me either.

As though it isn't bad enough that the boys' section is 1/32nd the size of the girls' section, they then proceed to carry exactly one size "regular" in the size I need.

I'm surprised there haven't been riots.

Anonymous said...

I said no to the blood test for the cat and the dog too! Must run in the family! Big Sister