Monday, March 02, 2009

A Word to the Wise

Regurgitated Vanilla Wafers, Cheetos and bean burritos, though pasty, disappear in the wash.

Regurgitated strawberries.....not so much.


Boy Mom said...

Strawberries, they just keep giving and giving!

Why are you not on my blog roll??? You are funny, a great writer, and friends with the Nurse Boys...GET ON MY BLOG ROLL!

There that's better.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

YUCK!!! SOOOOOOOOO sorry!!!!!! Spring is near. Does that help?! OK, I know it doesn't...just thought I would try!

We won't even discuss Daylight Savings next week...maybe I should have kept that to myself, huh?

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Bean Burrito? I know that it is pretty bland, but you fed a puker bean burrito? Did you just want to see how projectile the vomitus would be with a little gas behind it? If he did keep it down you could have experienced "sick farts" for hours.

Those are the best!

I think you got the lesser of the two evils.

Maybe the burritos were fed before the first round, but I am having too much fun to consider that.


Chaos-Jamie said...

He chose the bean burrito from a list of three. And when I noticed he was looking a little green I forbade him to eat any more of it. Come on NB, you should know me better than that! At the first glimpse of tummy trouble, kid is on a forced fast.

Mother Mayhem said...

EW! Running from the room... Hands over mouth...