Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Ode to Backs

There are certain things one associates with backs.

Swinging a bat.
Moving furniture.

They are obvious. They are natural. You expect to have trouble with these when you "throw out" your back. Well, not the moles, they are trouble all the time.

What I have noticed is that the poor ole back is underrated. Think about the things you never have associated with your back.

Doing the dishes.
Using the facilities.
Pulling up your pants.
Holding a child on your lap.
Blowing your nose.
Wiping the table after dinner.
Getting the mail
Sorting the mail
answering the mail
paying the bills
rolling over in bed
sitting up in bed
pulling the blankets over oneself in bed
laying a child down in his crib
putting a child on the potty when he is screaming "dee!"
changing a diaper
carrying a glass of ice water while walking across a room
cutting the plastic off your fifth frozen pizza in a week
opening the oven door
looking at the piles of crap all over your floor that you can't pick up and put away
getting up off the floor
sitting in a folding chair
standing to sing a song in church
climbing stairs
descending stairs
tying shoes
holding a book to read
pouring milk on cereal
making coffee
holding a baby
cuddling a child
hugging a spouse

Backs are sorely (no pun intended) underrated.

Please, back, please, return to me.

I've got things to do.


Mother Mayhem said...

I feel your pain. Sigh.

Hope it comes "back" soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

So sorry! And, spring break is just around the corner...I am guessing those kiddos will have many reasons for you to use that poor back of yours.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Boy Mom said...

I'm sending you an internet massage...Ahh, doesn't that feel nice. If I didn't have to jump a plane I'd come give you a massage with my trusty bottle of Lavender oil.

Sorry your back is on it's back.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, when I injured my back 27 years ago, they put two rods parallel to the spine for stability and support. My sister thought it was cute to remind me of the verse in Proverbs: "put the rod to the back of fools". Of course she said since I had plural rods I'm worse than a fool!


Just wanted to write and "back you up" on your insights today!

Chaos-Jamie said...

Scott, you crack me up. And remind me that "at least I'm still walking!" Thanks!