Sunday, June 11, 2006

100 Things!

1. Ack! This is post 102. I totally missed it.
2. I married my high school sweetheart.
3. Ten years ago.
4. Our sophomore year in college.
5. I finished.
6. And even began grad school
7. I dropped out
8. Because I decided I knew all I really wanted to know about e. coli.
9. Sometime I wonder if I should have stayed in.
10. I'd be Dr. Somebody now if I had.
11. And probably fighting for tenure at some second rate institution.
12. Without kids.
13. But instead I have three wonderful munchkins.
14. One is adopted.
15. After three years of infertility
16. and at least two miscarriages
17. But I was miraculously healed when Eldest was three weeks old.
18. At a Joyce Meyer women's conference.
19. I was bleeding when I went in
20 and not when I came out.
21. Princess was born nine months later.
22. At home.
23. After 25 hours of labor.
24. Yes, I wanted drugs.
25. But was very glad I stayed home once it was over.
26. My midwife was out of town.
27. I met her back-up after hour 8 of labor.
28. I had a doula
29. I am a doula.
30. I told her everything at every phase
31. I was wrong.
32. But when your contractions are two minutes apart you should be beyond a three!
33. Weaned Princess at fourteen months.
34. Frodo was born nine months later.
35. At home.
36. On the back porch.
37. Under water.
38. I delivered him.
39. Midwife was in town, but had a bad angle
40. It was the single coolest thing I have ever done.
41. I wanted to name him Moses ("I have drawn him from the water")
42. My husband nixed it even though he pushed for Moses for Eldest.
43. I get post-partum depression.
44. Don't want to get pregnant again.
45. Would love to adopt again.
46. Would prefer brown-toned female.
47. I was a tomboy.
48. Princess isn't. I think it is my fault.
49. I found my inner pink at about age 30.
50. I prefer my inner pink to my outer grunge.
51. I have two sisters.
52. No brothers. Poor Dad.
53. I always had a complex. Biggest sis: homecoming Queen; Middle sis: Valedictorian
54. I wasn't on both counts.
55. I lived in an all girls dorm.
56. I have no friends from my dorm days.
57. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! (Kaaaaay-yoooooooou!)
58. Graduated top of that class.
59. In Microbiology.
60. After three major changes.
61. And backing out of nursing school at the last minute.
62. Sometimes I wonder about that decision too.
63. Of course then I'd be tempted to go back to work.
64. As it is now, even on the bad days, I couldn't afford the daycare, so there is no question.
65. I really always meant to be an at-home mom.
66. Slash taxi driver.
67. My favorite vacation involves St. John USVI.
68. I'd like to spend a week there someday.
69. I hope my next long vacation involves picking up a baby.
70. And Africa.
71. But I'd settle for the states.
72. My husband has started more than ten companies.
73. If you think that doesn't say anything about me, you are dead wrong.
74. I am NOT living in my dream home.
75. My refridgerator has two different handles.
76. We pulled it out of the garage where the previous occupants left it with a vending machine.
77. On the other hand I do have my dream stove with double oven.
78. I can bake bread.
79. But I usually buy it.
80. I make a killer chocolate cheesecake.
81. And pretty good friend chicken.
82. I wish I had a garden.
83. Can't get anything to grow in my shady/clay yard.
84. I have ten full bookcases.
85. I don't have cable.
86. I was a cheerleader
87. In a town where the athletes were the cool chicks.
88. I did marry the captain of the football team.
89. He must have seen past my nerdiness.
90. I was raised in church.
91. And made several decisions for the Lord as I grew in maturity.
92. Still growing (I hope).
93. I like a wide variety of genres for books and movies
94. My all time favorite book is probably "Gone With the Wind."
95. All time favorite movie is probably "Pride and Prejudice."
96. But I sure like "Sphere" (book) and "Notting Hill" (movie).
97. I have a yellow sink.
98. I have completed a novel.
99. That has been rejected A LOT.
100. But I'll go down swinging.


Unknown said...

Very nice. I don't know that I could put 100 things on mine. Maybe...

I tagged you with a meme. :)

Georgiana Daniels said...

I thought I was the only person who ever read "Sphere." I read it when I was a kid, and I still remember the line that says something about "there's always a way to figure out any situation." I think I quoted it wrong. LOL.

I don't think I could think up 100 did great!