Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thirteen Books I've Read This Month

Thirteen Things I've Read This Month

1. Coldwater Revival Pretty stinkin' good.

2.The Brand Medallion If you can make it to page 58, it is very interesting.

3. I Like Myself We've been reading it to Princess as she's gone through her hardships. We read it "I like you..." Fabulous for children who need an ego boost.

4. I Stink! And then there's the opposite where we have to read Eldest's name in...Kidding! All three kids love this book (And Mama does, too)

5. DragonKnight The first fantasy I finished, but guaranteed it wouldn't be the last.

6. Tree Ring Circus Look out Dr. Seuss! Fabulous!

7. Grandpa's Are For Finding Worms Peaceful, and a quick read.

8. The Prophet of Yonwood The first printing of this book is supposed to be 350,000. Man, I wish. And I just thought it was average and a little predictable.

9. Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten! For those obsessed about what their kid doesn't know in regard to his future classroom. I'd say we fare at knowing about 50% of the stuff in it.

10. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? So cute! Lyrical and sweet.

11. Duck for President One of my favorites.

12. When the Moon Smiled Such a rhythmic, wonderful bedtime story.

And, Drum Roll Please, my very favorite bedtime book of all...

13. Song of Night If I had to read this one every night for the rest of my life, I think it would be just fine.

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the lizness said...

#2 looks good

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I LOVE Duck for President - one of my all-time favorites! Good list.

kpjara said...

How are you getting a thing done...with all that reading!

I don't think I could do the fantasy thing...

Chaos-Jamie said...

If you look pretty close you'll notice there are ony four adult books and two of the four are YA. And when I was reading DragonKnight, I read it aloud to the kids.

And I don't watch TV at all in the summer.

And if I tried to put my kids to bed without at least four stories they would revolt and I would have even less time to read.

Tess, you'd probably like it. There are some fabulous spiritual insights that will change the way I speak. That, re-inforced by my pastor who has been preaching on the same thing...non-fiction, of course.

mamashine said...

I think I haven't read a single one of those! I need to get busy.

First time here, just surfing around. :) HI!

Julie Carobini said...

We've read DUCK...many times. Sad to say, it's kept in the, uh, bathroom.