Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Susan May Warren and Josey

Last weekend I forsook sleep in exchange for the sheer joy of reading a book cover to cover. Susan May Warren's Everything's Coming Up Josey was an absolute delight and well worth the next day crankies (don't ask my kids--they were gone). Who needs to go to Russia? Susan transports you straight there. I especially enjoyed seeing it through an admittedly shallow young American female perspective. Some of us are just a little intimidated by subway systems and it's O-K.

One of my favorite lines of the book is when Josey is talking to her best friend about the fact that she is stuck at a less than glamorous job, her ex-boyfriend just married her sister and the guy she's had a secret crush on forever has just announced that he is engaged to someone else. She says, "You know what I dream of? I want to matter. To make a difference. I want someone to love me so much, they would cross the world just to spend one hour with me. I want to leave a trail of wow behind me. I don't believe in cosmic purpose, but I do wonder if God has a plan, or if He's still waiting to see if I'm worth the trouble."

Don't we all?

Run out and buy this book, and tomorrow check back because Susan May Warren is guest blogging for me and I'm sure she'd like for you to stop by.

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