Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Week of the Strangely Good

Both Hubs and I were down tonight. No particular reason. I imagine the week has grown long like it tends to do and we are tired like we tend to get. While he picked up the living room, I tried to make myself load the dishwasher. I glanced in at him where I saw him sitting and staring at nothing and said, "It's been a week of ups and downs, hasn't it?" (That was me, trying to draw him out. Looking for some levity.)

"I'd say mostly ups," he said.

He's right. It seems a lot of things clicked into place this week. Sunday I wasn't sure we had enough money to pay a tithe (I knew we didn't have enough, but I wasn't sure if this check would bounce or if the mortgage check would later in the week). Monday (as God has a tendency to do) we "found" enough money to live on for a month. The story is long and complex, and I won't go into it this week, but I'll tell you that we found it in our bank account so don't fret that some kid dropped his milk money, K? Everything is legal, but I'm telling you, tithe.

Monday I also was offered another writing job. And for a name you would recognize if you only exist, but don't participate, in America. You might not like them, but you'll know them. I was floored. What looked like a case of someone buying an article that I would never be able to claim publishing credit (because it has been almost 2 years and not seen print) became what looks like a change of personnel who found me. And liked me. Which is nice since I like them. I felt greatly honored.

Hubs had some great meetings this week, and even though we were paid such a pittance this month, there is still hope that these companies just might get off the ground.

So, yes. Mostly ups. It is unfortunate that we had to have a down day in the midst of an up week. I guess it is the nature of life. We are swinging for the fences. Strikes have to happen sometimes. Even Micky Mantle didn't hit over the back wall every day.

I just finished this tonight and can't decide what I thought about it. After Lois Lowry's The Giver and Messenger, these doomsday YA books have a lot to live up to.


Camy Tang said...

How GREAT you got a writing job! I can relate--I've been praying for more critiquing jobs. God has been good--it's just hard for me to remember and trust Him, you know?

Georgiana Daniels said...

Tithing is a powerful principle that I wish was taught in more churches. Thanks for the encouragement (needed it since we just had the brakes fixed today.)

Congratulations on the writing job, I pray there's more where that came from:)