Monday, June 19, 2006

Well, I Did It.

I sent for the application to adopt from Ethiopia. I'm nervous. I'm so comfortable with domestic adoption. But frankly, domestic has changed in the six years we've been out of it and I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable there either.

Who is ever comfortable adding to their family?

I've never met an expectant mother that sleeps well, is full of energy and doesn't have trouble with her new weight. I certainly wasn't comfortable walking down an unfamiliar hospital hallway when we went to meet our eldest's birthmother.

But I'm feeling pretty comfortable in this particular life stage. Kids are all potty trained. All have had the chickenpox. All talking. All know when Mommy's had enough. (Okay, they are still learning that. ) And I wonder, do I rest on my laurels?

But I know that God gave me a vision for my family and we aren't quite there. I'm not certain that Ethiopia is the way for us to go, but I'm looking for the green light.

As my sister told / asked me the other day, "So when I'm at a place that I think this is enough...Is that where Faith comes in to carry me through?"

Boy, life is an interesting ride.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, adoption is quite the experience. We adopted three of our former foster children. The two boys we adopted as infants...the girl as a young child and what a difference. The girl has been difficult from day one, while the boys (so far) have been a joy, (minus the normal, obstinate, entering the teen years, boy stuff). I wish you luck and God's blessing.